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Central & Glenrosa

Northwest corner of Central Avenue & Glenrosa Avenue

Interior Street View 2.png

Thank you for your interest in this project

You have received a link to this website because we have filed an application with the City of Phoenix for a rezoning of the site shown below to allow for the construction of a new community focused on multifamily, with dedicated space to allow opportunities for commercial components that benefit the project and surrounding neighborhood. This website provides an opportunity to introduce ourselves, share our vision for the project, and obtain your input in light of COVID-19. We are dedicated to receiving community input and having transparent conversations throughout this process. We have met with community leaders and look forward to continuing these discussions.

We are currently scheduled for public hearings. The dates, times, and locations are provided on this page in the Process section below. 

Please continue to check this website as it will be updated with the project meeting information.

Please review our proposal below and feel free to contact us at any time if you would like to discuss in further detail. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note that this website has been generated by the development team and may not reflect the views and/or thoughts of the City of Phoenix.

Aerial Map.png


The site is located at the northwest corner of Central Avenue and Glenrosa Avenue. The site is currently undeveloped land, with a combination of C-2 (Intermediate Commercial), R-3 (Multifamily Residence District), R-5 (Multifamily Residence District), R1-6 (Single-Family Residence District), and TOD-1 (Transit Oriented Development District) (approved C-2 H-R (High-Rise) TOD-1, H/W (Height Waiver), P/W (Parking Waiver)). The site is designated as Commercial on the City of Phoenix's General Plan land use map.

The site is also located within the Uptown Transit Oriented Development ("TOD") Policy Plan area, which proposes WU Code Transect Districts T6:22, T5:5, and T4:3 on the site.



The Central & Glenrosa development is a project that meets the vision and intent of the WU Code, activating the pedestrian experience with some commercial and community spaces, and a combined total of 1600 multi-family residential units divided among four separate projects along the light rail. To accommodate the design shown below, we have requested a Rezoning of the site to WU (Walkable Urban) Code Transects T6:22, T5:5, and T4:3

The theme of the proposed development centers on pedestrian-friendly spaces that encourage activity and community. The developer and design team took cues from the surrounding community and incorporated a transparent base that produces an active edge of walk-up units. These units are designed with stoops and patios to create an interface between neighbors that will be landscaped to soften the building edge as it meets the street. 


The luxury community includes multiple resort-style swimming pools, barbeque areas, fitness centers, and a commercial space located on Central Avenue. As shown by the renderings below, the design features lush landscaping with abundant amenity spaces, an enhanced pedestrian realm, and high-quality architecture. The development will also include a public art component that pays homage to the Carnation neighborhood. 

1st Submittal to the City


The initial rezoning package was submitted to staff in March 2022, with a conceptual site plan that was developed to meet the development standards of the proposed WU Code districts. This plan included the following elements:


•Private street aligned with Montecito had vehicular access to 2nd Avenue.

•Four residential buildings and pool amenities were located along 2nd Avenue.

•Setbacks were maximum 10’ per the City of Phoenix WU Code.

•Commercial component proposed in Parcel 2 on Central Avenue.

1st submittal.png

Revisions to the Site Plan

Since the first rezoning submittal in March 2022, significant public outreach has occurred. The conceptual site plan has since been revised to address public comments received related to the following:


•Limiting vehicular access through the site to Montecito Avenue

•Limiting scale and intensity along 2nd Avenue

•Increasing publicly accessible open space

•Including commercial components

•Providing bicycle racks that are publicly accessible

•Location of loading/unloading and trash pick-up

2nd Submittal to the City

Site Plan.png

The revisions to the conceptual site plan resulted in the following updates:


•Closed vehicular access to Montecito Avenue.

•Redesigned to limit the number of buildings and amenities along 2nd Avenue.

•Significantly increased the common open space area, particularly along 2nd Avenue.

•All proposed buildings are more than 72 feet, some exceeding 137’, from existing residences to the west.

•Committed to 7,000 sf of commercial added along Central Avenue.

Relationship to 2nd Avenue

The east-west private road to be aligned with Montecito Avenue is now closed off to vehicular traffic. Entry to the site from 2nd Avenue can only be accessed by pedestrian and bicycle traffic.


Setbacks and open space have been increased along 2nd Avenue. All proposed buildings are more than 72 feet, some exceeding 137’, from existing residences to the west.

Building Heights & Massing

•Buildings adjacent to the residential neighborhood to the west will have a maximum of three stories and 40’ along 2nd Avenue. 


•From west to east there is an increase in intensity with the buildings with the most height and density located adjacent to Central Avenue.

Common Open Space and Amenities

•Approximately 29,500 square feet of open space will be located along 2nd Avenue and will feature nursery grown trees, open green space, and a public art piece.

•The development will feature public and private amenities throughout the Site, which may include drinking fountains for people and pets, pet waste stations, shaded seating areas, and bicycle racks and repair stands.

•Four internalized private pools will be located on the Site for resident use.

Commercial Spaces

•A minimum of 7,000 square feet of commercial space will be provided, with 6-8 tenants anticipated.

•The commercial spaces will be located on Central Avenue.

Architecture 2.png
Achitecture 1.png

Architectural Inspiration

•Inspiration for the design is drawn from the historic Carnation building, including the angular and planar roof elements.

•The details of the elevations and materials are still being designed. The inspirational images shown are representative of the unique mix of patterns, textures, and finishes that will give the Site a contemporary feel.

Frontage Types

•Various frontage types will be used to create unique entrances and encourage community.

•Walk-up units were designed with stoops and patios to create and interface between neighbors that will be landscaped to soften the building edges.

On-Site Parking

•All required parking is located on-site and does not include any public street parking.

•A parking garage is provided for each building for assigned resident parking.

•71 internalized private on-street parking spaces will be provided as well.

•1,775 parking spaces are required, and a total number of 1,991 parking spaces are provided. The proposed parking exceeds the required amount by 216 spaces.

Loading/Unload & Trash Pickup

•Each of the four projects  will provide loading/unloading and trash pickup spaces.


•All loading/unloading and trash pickup  spaces will be completely internal to the site.

Vehicular Circulation

•The site can be accessed from Central Avenue, Glenrosa Avenue, and Turney Avenue.

•Vehicular access from 2nd Avenue was removed and is an emergency access point with removable bollards; however, pedestrian and bicycle access still exists.

•Two new private streets are proposed on-site to align with the existing street network , one running north-south and one running east-west.

•The new private streets will allow the residents to access internal on-site parking garages, commercial uses, and private amenities.

Bicycle Circulation & Amenities

•The site is located near existing city of Phoenix bicycle routes and paths on 3rd Avenue.

•On-site bicycle routes are proposed to ensure connectivity to existing and future city bicycle routes. This connectivity will allow existing and future residents safe and convenient bicycle access to the city’s many restaurants, local retail destinations, and nearby Steel Indian School Park.

•Amenities for bicyclists will be provided for both residents and the public, including publicly accessible bike racks and repair stations on-site.

Bike 2.png

Proposed Traffic Mitigation

*Subject to approval by the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department

•Traffic is an existing concern in the area.

•Traffic calming circles at the developer’s expense, are proposed at the following intersections:

   •3rd Avenue and Campbell Avenue

   •3rd Avenue and Turney Avenue

   •3rd Avenue and Glenrosa Avenue

   •2nd Avenue and Campbell Avenue

•Neck-downs are proposed at the following locations:

   •2nd Avenue and Turney Avenue

   •West of the south entrance into the site on Glenrosa Avenue

• The development team also proposes “No Parking School Bus Loading” signs and a yellow-painted curb to be placed at 2nd Avenue and Turney Avenue.

Updated Traffic Mit.2.png

Central & Glenrosa Intersection Improvements

  • Interim improvements will be made to the existing Central Avenue and Glenrosa Avenue intersection.

  • Right-of-way will be dedicated as part of this development to better align with the east side of Glenrosa Avenue and the crosswalk will be re-striped with the installation of a new ramp at the curb return.

  • Full intersection improvements will be completed once the southeast corner of the intersection develops.

Improvement Intersect 4 NEW INTERIM.png
Improvement Intersect 5 NEW FUTURE.png

Phasing and Interim Construction

•The proposed development will be constructed in four phases, starting with Parcel one at the northwest corner of the Site.

•All on-site streets and infrastructure will be put in with the first phase.

•The open space on Parcel 1 will be constructed with the first phase as well.

•Various mitigation efforts will be utilized to ensure the construction site limits impacts on the existing neighborhood.

•These measures include, but are not limited to:

   •Video monitoring cameras

   •Fencing and screening

   •Decomposed granite to mitigate dust

Conceptual Design Approaches for 2nd Avenue

Landscaping not shown

DESIGN A 12' Setback off 2nd Ave

Option B Map.png

DESIGN B 100' Setback off 2nd Ave

Option C Map.png

DESIGN C 50' Setback off 2nd Ave

Below are some common questions that we have received during our initial door-to-door outreach to the community. Of course, we would be happy to answer any other questions you have not mentioned below. Please feel free to reach out to us directly using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

What is the current zoning on the property?

  • R1-6 TOD-1 (Approved C-2 H-R, PKG/WVR, HGT/WVR, TOD-1)

  • R-3 TOD-1 (Approved C-2 H-R, PKG/WVR, HGT/WVR, TOD-1)

  • R-5 TOD-1 (Approved C-2 H-R, PKG/WVR, HGT/WVR, TOD-1)

  • C-2 TOD-1 (Approved C-2 H-R, PKG/WVR, HGT/WVR, TOD-1)

  • R1-6 TOD-1 (Approved P-1) (Approved C-2 H-R, PKG/WVR,  HGT/WVR, TOD-1)

  • R-3 TOD-1 (Approved R-5) (Approved C-2 H-R, PKG/WVR, HGT/WVR, TOD-1)

  • C-2 TOD-1 (Approved R-5) (Approved C-2 H-R, PKG/WVR, HGT/WVR, TOD-1)

  • R-3 TOD-1 (Approved C-2 H-R, TOD-1)

  • C-2 TOD-1 (Approved C-2 H-R, TOD-1)

What zoning has been requested?

Walkable ("WU") Urban Code Transects T6:22, T5:5, and T4:3

What is Walkable Urban Code?

WU Code is permitted to be applied to properties within the Reinvent PHX Transit Oriented (TOD) Policy Plans. The primary purpose of WU Code in this area is to implement the vision and policies of the Uptown TOD District Policy Plan. The Plan currently designates the site for Transects T4:3, T5:5, and T6:22 as proposed by the developer. The Plan encourages walkable, bikeable, and transit supportive development around transit stations. The WU code uses are not regulated, and allows the project to develop over time, but with set development standards. WU Code seeks to provide the following: an increase in population through infill development; pedestrian and bicycle connectivity; and protection of property values.

Why does it need to be changed?

To be brought into conformance with Walkable Urban Code. 

What can be built on the site today?

What is the maximum height allowed today?

What is the maximum height is being proposed?

  • Parcel 1: 40 feet along 2nd Avenue, 60 feet on the balance of the parcel

  • Parcel 2: 40 feet on a portion of the parcel, 85 feet on the balance of parcel 

  • Parcel 3 3: 40 feet along 2nd Avenue and a portion of Glenrosa Avenue, 70 feet on the balance of the parcel

  • Parcel 4: 240 feet at Central Avenue private street entrance, 60 feet on the balance of parcel

The current zoning allows five office buildings and/or commercial with a large parking garage, including a 500' tall tower.

The maximum height is 500'.

What kind of commercial uses are being considered and where?

Commercial uses are anticipated along Central Avenue. The portion of the site along Central Avenue will be developed in approximately 4-6 years. All uses permitted in the T6:22 zoning district will be permitted; however, the specific uses will be dependent upon the economic market and determined in real time.  Some of the potential uses include the following: offices, coffee shop, ice cream shop, dry cleaners, beauty shops, casual dining, bicycle shops, doctor/dental offices, or similar.

How are these changes going to impact me?

First, the allowed building height planned on site and amount of traffic will be reduced. Secondly, new, quality development historically raises property values, particularly when compared to a vacant infill parcel.  Finally, the developer is excited to work with community throughout this process.

What is the typical price point for these units?

It is difficult to put an exact price on the units since we are at least 3 years from completion. IF the units were completed today, the market rate would be approximately $1,500 - $1,800 for a studio, $1,875-$2,100 for a 1 Bedroom and $2,450 - $2,800 for a 2 Bedroom. 

Who is the owner?

The property owner is Central & Turney Properties, Inc, an Arizona Corporation. Central & Turney Properties, Inc, has owned the site since the 1990s and intends to be the long-term holder of the site. 

Who is the developer?

Petree Properties is a private entity that owns and operates both residential and non-residential properties. Petree Properties holds developments in both the Phoenix and San Diego metro areas. The project team has over 30 years of development and construction experience having built approximately 10,000 apartments in this time.  

What is the timetable for construction?

The expectation is to begin development by March/April 2023

Stoop Units View.png


We filed a formal rezoning application in March and are currently working through the first review process with City Staff. The neighborhood meeting and meetings before the Encanto Village Planning Committee, Planning Commission and City Council are detailed below. 

Neighborhood Meeting Date

Passed - June 27, 2022 at 5:30pm

Encanto Village Planning Committee Hearing (Recommendation Meeting)           

June 5, 2023 at 6:15pm

Location: Phoenix College, Willo Conference Room

3310 N. 10th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85013

Click here to view the hearing presentation.


Planning Commission Hearing

August 3, 2023 at 6:00pm

Meeting may be held at the City Council Chambers (200 W. Jefferson St.) or virtually.

For more information, please see:

City Council Hearing/Ordinance Adoption

September 6, 2023 at 2:30pm

Meeting may be held at the City Council Chambers (200 W. Jefferson St.) or virtually.

For more information, please see:

We will continue to keep you informed and will update this website. We continue to welcome your feedback throughout the process so that we can develop a project that is compatible with the existing developments within the community, and be a good neighbor. Please use the contact form below to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Me


Please feel free to reach out using the contact information below, or use the contact form to send us a message. 

Bilsten Consulting

Tom Bilsten


Tel: (602) 561-3932

Thanks for submitting!

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